ACHIEVEMENT WEEK: Chairman Lathan E. Turner –
The Achievement Week Committee shall select the Sixth District Omega Man of the Year, Sixth District Undergraduate Omega Man of the Year, Undergraduate Chapter of the Year , Large Graduate Chapter of the Year, Small Graduate Chapter of the Year, Founders Award, Superior Service, Colonel Charles Young Award and the Sixth District Citizen of the Year. The winners are selected from nominees submitted by each financial chapter and submits the elected awardees to the National Achievement Week Committee for national consideration. The committee is also responsible for other District approved awards as required.

ARTIFACTS AND MEMORABILIA: Chairman Joachim Rogers –
The members of this committee (otherwise called Archives and History) shall call upon, inquire of, offer assistance to, and encourage brothers and their survivors to give to the Sixth District such artifacts and memorabilia as they, in their generosity, may wish the District and/or the Fraternity to have and keep. Appropriate thanks and respects shall be made for each and every gift and, when feasible, each artifact or memorabilia shall be carefully preserved, restored (if necessary) and displayed as the District shall so direct.

ASSAULT ON ILLITERACY: Chairman Keith G. Pemberton –
The Assault on Illiteracy (AOI) Committee shall establish and promote district wide programs to address illiteracy in our communities. Encourage all chapters (graduate and undergraduate) to participate in implementing best practices in their community to show measurable outcomes through literacy initiatives. AOI conducts the Black History Quiz Bowl on the state and district levels as well as partner with school systems to conduct the Omega Men Reading initiative at a local elementary school where the Annual Meeting is held.

BUDGET AND FINANCE: Chairman Gary E. Bell –
It shall be the duty of the Audit and Budget Committee to review the financial records of the District Keeper of Records and Seal, the District Keeper of Finance and the Assistant District Keeper of Finance at the end of each year and submit a report of accountability, with recommendations to the District. It shall, in conjunction with the Executive Committee, prepare an operational budget for the District year taking into account the financial responsibilities of ALL aspects of the District. The committee shall present a balanced budget of receipts and disbursements at the Annual District Meeting.

BY-LAWS: Chairman Darryl G. Smith –
The By-Laws Committee shall be comprised of all Former District Representatives and the District Counselor, one of whom shall be named chairman, assistant chairman and secretary. It shall be the duties of the By-Laws Committee to prepare the Sixth District By-Laws and present them for approval every five (5) years. Such By-Laws may NOT in any way conflict or impugn with the Constitution and By-Laws of the National Fraternity. Recommendations or mandates passed during the interim of every five years shall be effective on the date set by the Annual Meeting that approves the amendment and incorporated into the next set of By-Laws, as provided by the Recommendations Committee.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Chairman Gerry McCants –
It shall be the duty of the Economic Development Committee to enhance the financial well-being of the Sixth District brotherhood. This will be accomplished by seminars on wealth accumulation, tax minimization, retirement strategies and other topics that significantly impact financial stability. In addition, the committee is charged with creating an environment for business opportunities and networking.

HEALTH INITIATIVES: Chairman Thaddeus Bell –
Increase health awareness of Brothers of the Sixth District. Change the attitude of brothers toward preventive health care and encourage brothers to put health at the top of their daily 

MEMBERSHIP SELECTION: Chairman Charles Hairston –
Serves to manage on behalf of the Sixth District the Membership Selection Process (MSP) which facilitates new member selection. The committee additionally ensures that members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. supporting the MSP in the Sixth District are trained and certified per International Headquarters guidelines on all aspects of the process.

NAACP/CEF SUPPORT: Chairman Jim C. Harper –
To increase our membership and participation in the NAACP in order to ensure that America lives up to her moral and constitutional freedoms and responsibilities.

NOMINATING: Chairman Ronald Murphy –
To validate the qualification of candidates for Sixth District Offices, preparation of a slate for presentation at the District Annual meeting and to administer the voting process at the annual meeting.

To encourage brothers and chapters to become more involved in local, state and national political issues.

To encourage brothers and chapters to become more involved in local, state and national political issues.

PROTOCOL SOUTH CAROLINA: Chairman Reginald Howell –
The primary duty of the 6th District Protocol Committee is to expose and educate members of the Fraternity on the agreed upon and accepted methods of Fraternity protocol. We will assist in the implementation of its consistent and uniform application throughout our organization.

RECLAMATION: Chairman Abram Liles –
Shall be charged with reclaiming Brothers in the Sixth District and formulating programs for the chapters for this purpose. The Sixth District Reclamation Chairman shall serve on the National Reclamation Committee.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Chairman Reginald Brown –
Shall receive recommendations from the chapters and from officers and submit them, in accordance with the Sixth District By-Laws, at each District Meeting for action. The committee shall keep an up-to-date record of all recommendations based as mandates and advise the District Representative of their status as to implementation.

RETENTION: Chairman Darryl Jackson –
The Retention Committee shall be charged with retaining Brothers in the Sixth District and formulating programs for the chapters for this purpose. The Sixth District Retention Chairman shall serve on the National Retention Committee.

SCHOLARSHIP: Chairman Robert Hemby II –
It shall be the duty of the Scholarship Committee:(1) To prepare detailed regulations, policies and announcements for awards. (2) To select chapters and/or brothers whose scholarship is noteworthy and present same to the District Meeting for recognition in the form of awards.   The Founders of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. recognized the importance of the intellect in all matters pertaining to the advancement of humankind.  As such, they made Scholarship the foremost of the Fraternity’s four Cardinal Principles: Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift.    Scholarship is no side issue – it is an integral and deep-rooted component of this organization. Every member, Chapter, and District of the Fraternity is dedicated to Scholarship.

SITE: Chairman Brian O. Beverly –
The District Representative shall annually appoint a Site Committee to locate sites and work with cluster members, doing what they can to bring about a first-class DISTRICT MEETING. This committee shall be composed of the Site Committee Chairman, the District Representative, the Keeper of Records and Seal, the District Marshal, the District Counselor, the Keeper of Finance, the Assistant Keeper of Finance, the Immediate Former District Representative, one other member of the District Representative’s Council and the Immediate Past District Marshal and whomever else the District Representative is privileged to appoint.

SOCIAL ACTION: Chairman Melvin T. Miller –
Shall, before it enters upon its duties, ascertain the National Social Action Program. The committee then, acting under the aegis of the Executive Committee, shall set forth a program, i.e., Boy’s Camp for the Sixth District, thereby establishing continuity with the local chapters. Issues most directly affecting the Sixth District shall receive first priority.

TALENT HUNT: Chairman Willie Forrest –
The Talent Hunt Committee shall organize and develop the District Talent Hunt Demonstration from the chapter level and be responsible for the Sixth District’s presentation at the Grand Conclave.

TECHNOLOGY: Chairman Ken Johnson-
Support and assist the District through the use of technology to enable efficient and effective information sharing and overall district operations. The continued maintenance and development of the District Website.

UNDERGRADUATE: Chairman Timothy Hunter –
Shall organize and develop a program that shall assure the representation of EACH undergraduate chapter at the Grand Conclave (at least every other Conclave). The committee shall also work in conjunction with the Second Vice District Representative on recognizing, approaching, and solving problems of concern to undergraduate chapters.

Serve as a liaison officers, supervisors, counselors, mentor and role models to the members of undergraduate chapters. To cultivate undergraduate brothers into mature, responsible and professional Omega men. Train Advisors and mentors the 2nd Vice District Representative to the evolving fraternity rules and protocols that govern all district Undergraduate Chapters. Apply all standards set by the District Representative; maintain open communication and interaction with advisors and undergraduate members. Sustain reporting of all forms and assessments directed to District and IHQ offices.

WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE: Chairman Charlie Bethea –
In conjunction with the Executive Committee, present programs for the acquisition of needed revenue, including the Bonanza, subject to the approval of the District Meeting.

WEBMASTER: Chairman Greg McKoy –
Support and assist the District through the use of technology to enable efficient and effective information sharing and overall district operations. The continued maintenance and development of the District Website.


Chairman Isaiah Venning –
To insure that the Partnership between Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc and the Big Brother Big Sister of America is implemented in the Sixth District. Key Program Goals are:

  • Build Chapter relationships with BBBS Agencies in the Sixth District (North and South Carolina)
  • Encourage Brothers to become mentors to kids in the BBBS Agencies in the Sixth District
  • Visit Chapters in NC and SC to explain the mentoring process and recruit Brothers
  • Coordinate program efforts with the District Representative and Social Action Committee Chair

FATHERHOOD INITIATIVE: Chairman Melvin L. Williams –
To enter into a “Call to Action” formal partnership with President Obama’s Father and Mentoring Initiative to address the critical challenge of Father Absence in the lives of children, families and the nation’s communities. To also focus on the importance of mentoring our next generation of young men and father’s. The key Mission is to:

“Partner with the President’s administration in closing the gap on father absence; promoting fatherhood, highlighting the necessity of mentoring and the importance of father’s playing an active, responsible role in the lives of their children.”

Objectives include encourage chapter engagement in Fatherhood/Mentoring activities, develop and deploy reporting mechanisms to acknowledge effectiveness, participate in White House Fatherhood and mentoring Roundtables, participate in Congressional Black Caucus Fatherhood discussions and create a Fatherhood committee.

VIOLENCE PREVENTION: Chairman Kenneth “Tito” Koonce –
Key mission of the committee:

  • Identify, address, reduce and eliminate all forms of violent interactions associated with any aspect of the fraternity’s culture through education on and enforcement of the fraternity’s policies.
  • Form collaborative efforts with government, non-government, civic, social and other organizations dedicated to the reduction and elimination of violence within the African-American community.

VOTER REGISTRATION: Chairman Randall Eaton –
Voter Registration, Education and Mobilization Committee (VREM) will tackle a range of methods and machanisms for galvanizing and mobilizing members of our communities to go to the polls. All chapters, graduates and undergraduates, must be involved in this process. Volunteers working in neighborhood teams to organize their communities are the foundation of our organization.