The Mighty Sixth District History

All brothers know that Friday November 17, 1911 is the day that our great Founders created the preeminent Fraternity in the world. In addition, there are many other important dates and facts that we can immediately call upon when we talk about Omega.

As a brother of the Mighty Sixth District, have you ever wondered about the birth of the District? In an effort to satisfy personal interests, I began to search our history books to examine what has been documented.

According to the Dreer history book, under the leadership of Grand Basileus J. Alston Atkins, in 1922, “he recommended that five men be appointed to look after the brothers geographically according to districts” (Dreer History Book, p. 38).

At this particular time, it appears that the Fraternity districts consisted of the 1) New England States; 2) Middle Atlantic States; 3) Central States; 4) Southern States and 5) Western States.

As the Fraternity expanded, it was common for the sitting Grand Basileus to appoint District Representatives.

Under the leadership of Grand Basileus Albert W. Dent in 1937, he believed that the District Representatives should be constitutional officers and should be elected by the districts. His recommendation was adopted (Gill History Book, p. 77-78).

As we now understand how the concept of district representation originated, lets take a quick look at the one that started it all for North Carolina and South Carolina. Brother Stanley Herbert Adams is the first to serve as the Sixth District Representative. Sixth District records indicate that Brother Adams served in this capacity from 1935—1943. Other sources, such as the Oracle (June 1934), reference Brother Adams as the Sixth District Representative. It is likely that Brother Adams was appointed to this position prior to official Sixth District elections.

The Oracle (March 1947) saluted Brother S. Herbert Adams in “Omega Academic Awards For 1946.” Brother Adams, who served as Registrar at Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC, received a $250 scholarship to aid in the completion of doctoral studies at New York University and a definitive work on the office of the registrar in American colleges. The following excerpt references the high regard of Brother Adams:

“Brother Adams came to us from Barbados, British West Indies and became an American citizen. He attended Harrison College in Barbados and received the A.B, and A.M. degrees at Durham University, England. …he has done further study at Columbia University. He spent four years as Instructor in Latin in British Guiana, S.A., and came to Johnson C. Smith as Instructor in Latin and History in 1923. His long-time exemplary service as Sixth District Representative has made him well known to the Fraternity” (Oracle, March 1947 p. 20).

Many facts and information for the Sixth District Q-View come from reading Fraternity official publications, program agendas, Conclave reports and other historical documents. These resources are somewhat limited, so I encourage all brothers, especially Former District Representatives, to review their records, Oracles, and photographs to aid in the establishment and documentation of the Mighty Sixth District history.

Information provided by

Brother Michael A. Boykin
Former Director of Public Relations
Sixth District
September 2008 Q-View (p. 6-7)