My Brothers,

I greet you, first of all, by giving honor to Jesus Christ, my personal Savior and Lord. I am esteemed that you have selected me as your 41st 6th District Representative. I can say that I am truly blessed and highly favored to lead the exceptional group of men that comprise the Mighty 6th District. Brothers, I am sincerely grateful for your confidence and support. I look forward to serving with you in a capacity in which you will be proud.

As I begin the journey of leading Omega’s Mighty 6th District, I charge us to prioritize and focus on reclaiming Brothers who have not continued their journey with Omega as active, financial members and retaining those of us who have committed to See It Through. Not only does Omega need us, but our families and our communities need us to be the strong, united and intelligent force of men that our Founders were and dreamed that we would be. Black communities and black men, in particular, are under assault throughout America. Omega has taught us and prepared us for this time! My highest priority is ensuring that every 6th District undergraduate chapter comes into compliance with Omega standards and produces the most qualified, equipped and enthusiastic, college educated young black male leaders in the Carolinas. It is our responsibility to encourage our younger Brothers to persevere through the tough times with high ethics, discretion and good judgment.

Let’s work together and motivate our members to continue to be at the forefront of our fraternity and our communities in these troubled times. The Mighty 6th is blessed and thankful to be the home of Omega’s 40th Grand Basileus, Brother Antonio Knox. He has led us with courage, wisdom and honor for the last four years. He has a 40 YEAR RECORD of diligence and faithfulness for Omega. Under my leadership, the 6th will continue Brother Knox’s unwavering support for equity and justice for all and ensure that Omega leads in service, voter engagement and full voter participation. We must do this together in the spirit of unity. After all, WE ARE ONE!

Again, I thank you for your support and look forward to all of us working together to strengthen the bond of Omega through friendship, service and faith in God. I am very proud to serve as your District Representative in the greatest fraternity in the land…my dear OMEGA PSI PHI! Let us move forward together as Brothers united through MANHOOD, SCHOLARSHIP, PERSEVERANCE and UPLIFT!


Brother Melvin M. Mitchell

41st Sixth District Representative